Bevendean GC appeared at the Regional Preparatory Competition, which was held at Hollington Gymnastics Club new facility in Hastings on Sunday 3rd October 2010.  The competition involved both the acrobatics and the tumbling disciplines.

Congratulations go to all gymnasts that took part in the above competition.

Bevendean Results are as follows:

Name Discipline Grade Score Position
Lauryn Carr & Demi Carr Womens Pairs Prep A 24.900 3rd
Zoe Stoner & Megan Ball Womens Pairs Prep A 24.667 4th
Freya Moss & Lucia Comaschi Womens Pairs Prep A 24.183 6th
Jessie-Mae & Olivia Standing Womens Pairs Prep B 23.367 15th
Lauren Ball, Lana Stoner & Jessica Ruckman Womens Groups Prep 24.817 1st
Lucia Comaschi Tumbling Reg A 9-10yrs 70.500 9th
Jessica Ruckman Tumbling Reg B 9-10yrs 74.600 2nd
Eden Panayi Tumbling Reg B 9-10yrs 71.700 7th
Olivia Standing Tumbling Reg B 9-10yrs 71.500 8th
Freya Moss Tumbling Reg B 9-10yrs 65.400 11th
Jessie-Mae Saunders Tumbling Reg B 13yrs+ 70.200 5th