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Many thanks to everyone who supported this year's summer fair, held at Carden Primary School on the Saturday 2nd July 2011.  We managed to raise £515.00 for the club funds.


Also cinema club has been a great success and we will continue to run cinema clubs on a monthly basis.  Keep an eye out for future dates!

A big thank you needs to go to G Saunders and Sons, who organised a Christmas gift of gaffer tape rolls to help mend some of our floor mats. These were donated by David Cover and Sons Ltd. Thank you to both of these companies for their generosity!

Please check our news section for the The Big Move and news of our fund raising events.

The Christmas Fair still went ahead despite awful weather conditions.  A huge thank you goes to all gymnasts and their families that struggled to get there and help.

Despite handing out over a thousand leaflets to primary schools in the area, customers were unable to attend because of the weather.  We managed however to make £267.59, which is outstanding and a credit to everybody who supported the day.

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The sponsored tumble took place over the whole of the week beginning Monday 6th December 2010.  Everyone who attends Bevendean Gymnastics Club was involved, from pre-schoolers to coaches!  The pre-school class managed to bounce their way for an amazing 30minutes with some children reaching 200 jumps!

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Bevendean GC appeared at the Regional Tumbling Championships which was held at K2 Leisure Centre, Crawley on Sunday 8th November 2009.

Congratulations go to all gymnasts that took part in the above competition.

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