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Sunday 12th February 2012 - National Tumbling Qualifiers

Hollington Gymnastics Club, William Parker Sports College, Hastings


Sunday 4th March 2012 - National Acrobatics Qualifiers

Swifts Gymnastics Club, Swallows Leisure Centre, Sittingbourne

Please come along and support the gymnasts smile

Esther Lower & Sophie Neeson (Grade 2 Women's Pairs), score 25.090 - 7th

Olivia Standing & Jessica Ruckman (Grade 3 Women's Pairs), score 25.920 - 5th

Zoe Stoner & Jess Harvey (Grade 3 Women's Pairs), score 25.200 - 8th

Lauryn Carr, Jess Rosam & Gemma Rosam (Grade 3 Women's Groups), score 25.230 - 1st

Ellie Kypreos, Tara Neto & Lily Barrett (Grade 3 Women's Groups), score 25.140 - 2nd

Ceana Williamson, Tasmin Orsola & Katie Alice Hatton (Grade 3 Women's Groups), score 24.550 - 5th

Lana Stoner, Megan Lusted & Lola Bo Hardy (Grade 4 Women's Groups), score 24.520 - 2nd

Ellie Wild & Marnie Carritt (Grade 5 Women's Pairs), score 50.370 - 2nd


Ellie Wild (Tumbling National 1 13yrs+), Score 25.000 - 1st

Zoe Stoner (Tumbling National 1 13yrs+), Score 23.850 - 2nd

Jessica Ruckman (Tumbling National 3 13yrs+), Score 25.060 - 2nd

Lana Stoner (Tumbling National 3 13yrs+), Score 23.700 - 3rd


Well done to all the gymnast who entered the competition.

Only a small number of gymnasts represented Bevendean but they did us proud!!!

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Bevendean GC appeared at the Sussex Championships on Saturday 9th October 2010, which was held at Olympus Leisure Centre, Burgess Hill.

The competition as a whole was a huge success for Sussex Gymnastics but especially for Bevendean's gymnasts, who all came home with a medal position!

Congratulations go to all gymnasts that took part in the above competition.

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Monday 13th - Friday 17th February 2012, 10:30am - 12:30pm

£25 per gymnast for the entire week.

First come, first serve.